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Rent a board at Finca Popoyo

If you want to rent a surfboard in Popoyo,  we have a modest but growing selection of boards. We have a few really nice long boards. A couple In the Eye, for you Carolina lads and lasses.  We have a couple old, but serviceable guns for the Outer Reef. And more.

Not sure which surf board is right for you? Don’t worry – we’ll help you choose the best board for you depending on your level and height and the wave conditions. Choose one of the 6 breaks we have around finca popoyo, choose the right board and go!

It’s no problem if you change your mind half way through your rental time and want to try a different style or size of board.

You are welcome to swap your board for a different one at any point and we will do what we can to help you get the most out of your time surfing in Popoyo.





Ok, it is no secret that astride our beachfront hills are two, three, maybe four world class surf breaks.  Plan a trip to Finca Popoyo and you are almost guaranteed world-class surf just outside your door. At times as many as eight distinct breaks fill our bay, Bahia Punta Sardina, with others in our three bay zone, Playa Jiquilite to our south and Playa Guasacate to our north.  Greater Popoyo as it might be is a globally significant surf zone.  So come take advantage of the near year-round offshore winds of Southern Nicaragua.  

Popoyo, Tola is the jackpot of surfing destinations and here at Finca Popoyo we’ve got the best seat in the house!

The breaks of Punta Sardina, all directly a front the Finca!



Is mainly a perfect left point break with a long steep wall great for carving and with occasionally some tube sections. It also has great softer rights. Holds big swells, guaranteed surfing at high or low tide.



Known as Central America´s Pipeline, is a extremely hollow left. It can get up to 25-30 feet (face) breaking on 6 feet of water! Located about a 10 minute paddle from the shore in front of Finca Popoyo.


To the north of Popoyo is its sister break, also named in English the Surgeon's Table as if you get greedy it will put you on the table (the rocks) and operate.  Really fun right into a small keyhole bay with a sand bottom, only works when the tide is near full.


Or sometimes called the StoneZone, this break is shifty, but is often directly parallel with Popoyo but south, more or less the inside of the Outer Reef. Only a left!  


At the tip of our farm is the river mouth for the Nahualapa river.  While the sandbars shift and move as often as not there is a well shaped left that finishes on a nice sand bottom.


In our South Bay are an ever changing series of various types of rollers, not always so small but great for novice and learning surfers off the point.  The most consistent just inside Punta Sardina, the big jutting rock, is a soft left point break ideal for beginners and longboarding, but many times the middle of the bay and even sometimes the inside right of what is really the Outer Reef are all surfable breaks.

Other waves nearby Finca Popoyo


River mouth break. The wave bounces off the rocks sending perfect left hollow waves, another beauty to keep you away from the sun. Large and medium waves better in high tide, good surfing. Located 5 minutes by car, 20 min walk down the beach south from Finca Popoyo.


This is a small to medium shore break about two kilomter walk north on playa Guasacate across the river from us.  Loads of fun, usually likes mornings with light off shorers.


Left point break. One of the shallower waves around here, it breaks only in low tide. Fast and demanding with good tube sections. Large and medium waves. Located at a 5 minutes walk from Santana.


A-frames beach break, consistent hollow waves with enough shade to protect you from the sun. Hold big swells, guaranteed surfing mid to high tide. Located 15 minutes by car.


A swell magnate… no matter how small the forecast says you will always find waves here. Long lefts and rights with good carving walls. It holds big swells. Works better with mid to high tide.


Awesome left point break. One of the longest waves in the area. The waves start breaking at a cliff jutting 200 meters out and rolls all the way to the beach passing some really good and fast sections with barrels. Works on mid and high tide, holds big swells but it is very picky for the swell direction. Located 25 minutes by boat, no access possible by car.


A few A-frame river mouth break with long hollow waves. Work in mid and high tides. Holds up to 6-8 foot waves. Located just a 15 min drive.


Natural Reserve, one of the seven beaches in the world where turtles come in thousands to lay their eggs on the sand. Fun beach break with tube sections. Low and high tides, Medium sizes waves. Careful with the turtles, they can damage your fins. Located just a 20 minute drive on mostly paved roads.

Learn how to surf at Popoyo

For those who have always wanted to try surfing, Popoyo has very consistent surf and weather. 

The surf instructors will choose the best location according to your ability. 


The lesson begin on the beach, with the instructor advising on how to handle the board, paddle out,

catch waves and stand up. 

All our instructors have surfed Popoyo and are qualifified surf instructors. They are experts on choosing the best time and location to surf. 

No wetsuit is required as the water temperature is warm year round.

You can bring your own surfboard or we will provide an appropriate sized board from the surf lesson.


Improve your Surfing

Boat trip, like a siren call, it is something that every surfer wants to do. It’s a sort of rite of passage for anyone that dreams of perfect, empty waves with nothing but a few friends and crystal clear water.  Plus some cold beer in the cooler!  Expect a bit of strong Nicaraguan sun; so bring some screen.

Typically, we leave early in the morning from the fishing village of El Astillero about 15 to 20 minutes north by vehicle.  Often times we can combine a bit of early morning fishing with some mid morning to mid day surfing.

Ask about pricing, we bet you will be surprised at how affordable a boat trip can be!

A boat is one of the best ways to access several of the nearby breaks such as Playgrounds,

 Lance's Left, Colorado & More.

You will be accompanied by an experienced captain that knows all the breacks!