Breaks Bar & Grill

breaks BAR 

When it comes to food and beverage there are a few ítems that are really important.

First, the beer must be COLD!  Second, when we have BBQ, it must cause you to pause and, at least, consider for a moment that you have never had a finer tasting smoked meat in your life.

Or when we take the export-grade filet mignon steak and slice it churrasco style, grill it and serve it with traditional chimichurri and salsa crema de jalapeño you have to wonder if you are in beef heaven.  

Our smoothies are quite simply the best on the beach - largest portions, lowest prices and all fruit, no sugar, no syrups, not even ice.

Fresh Mackarel or Dorado taco wraps loaded with veggies and side of rice

and beans, uh huh!

Everyone knows we have the best French Fries in the area  

hand-cut, whole potatoes.

Just in front of Popoyo break 


Check the wave all the time 


Fish Tacos





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